Proweld 4112 General Purpose Electrodes (1kg Packs)

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Part No Option Pack
E411220M 2.0MM 1kg
E411225M 2.5MM 1kg
E411232M 3.2MM 1kg

Proweld 4112 is a General Purpose Rutile type electrode with all positional capabilities. It has a very smooth stable arc and is ideal for use with AC and DC manual arc machines. Proweld 4112 is ideal for the novice and the professional welder. Its low fume and spatter levels along with the excellent striking and restriking capabilities makes the electrode extremely user friendly. Proweld 4112 has excellent arc penetration and the fast freezing slag allows this electrode to be used in all positions.

Classifications: AS 1553.1 / AWS A5.1 / ISO 2560 / E 4112 / E6013 / E43 3R 11 FT-51.pdf

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