Proweld 4818 Low Hydrogen Electrodes

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E481825S 2.5MM 2.5kg $15.18 $37.95 10
E481832S 3.2MM 5kg $14.30 $71.50 34
E481840S 4.0MM 5kg $14.30 $71.50 9

Proweld 4818 is a low hydrogen, basic iron powder electrode. This electrode has excellent arc characteristics and produces extra low hydrogen weld metal whilst giving low temperature impact toughness. Proweld 4818 operates on both AC and DC - for best results DC current is recommended. The electrode is ideal for welding bridges, pipe work, pressure vessels, offshore platforms, heavy steel sections and any other application where hydrogen control and x-ray quality weld metal is required.

Classifications: AS 1553.1 / AWS A5.1 / E4818 / E7018

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