Blue Demon 316L Stainless Steel Gasless Welding Wire

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Part No Option Pack
F316LFCO09N 0.9MM 0.9kg
F316LFCO09H 0.9MM 4.5kg
F316LFCO12H 1.2MM 4.5kg
F316LFCO12S 1.2MM 11.36kg
F316LFCO16S 1.6MM 13.6kg

Blue Demon - 316LFC-O Gasless Welding Wire is a self-shielding flux core version of solid ER316L stainless steel welding wire. It has a low carbon content and is used for welding type 316 series stainless steel.

Specifications & Classifications: A5.22/A5.22M:2010 / E316LFC-O

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