Proweld 309LSi MIG

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Part No Option Pack
M309LSI08H 0.8MM 5kg
PM309LSI09H 0.9MM 4.5kg
M309LSI09H 0.9MM 5kg
M309LSI12H 1.2MM 5kg
M309LSI08S 0.8MM 15kg
M309LSI09S 0.9MM 15kg
M309LSI10S 1.0MM 15kg
M309LSI12S 1.2MM 15kg

309LSi deposits a 23% Cr / 13% Ni austenitic stainless steel weld metal with a ferrite content of about FN 11. The high alloy level and high ferrite content enables the weld metal to tolerate dilution from carbon and low alloy steels without hot cracking. The higher silicon content gives better arc stability and weld metal flow which improves bead appearance, particularly when dip transfer welding.

Classifications: AWS A5.9 / ER309LSi / EN ISO 14343 / G 23 12 LSi MIG.pdf

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