Proweld 316LSi MIG

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Part No Option Pack
M316LSI08M 0.8MM 0.9kg
M316LSI09M 0.9MM 0.9kg
M316LSI06H 0.6MM 5kg
M316LSI08H 0.8MM 5kg
M316LSI09H 0.9MM 5kg
M316LSI06S 0.6MM 12.5kg
M316LSI08S 0.8MM 15kg
M316LSI09S 0.9MM 15kg
M316LSI10S 1.0MM 15kg
M316LSI12S 1.2MM 15kg
M316LSI16S 1.6MM 15kg

316LSi is primarily intended for welding the low carbon, molybdenum alloyed, acid resisting 316L austenitic stainless steels of similar composition. Suitable also for welding 304L type steels as well as normal carbon 316 grades and Nb or Ti stabilised steels provided service temperatures are below 400°C. The higher silicon content gives better arc stability and weld metal flow which improves bead appearance, particularly when dip transfer welding.

Classifications: AWS A5.9 / ER316LSi / EN ISO 14343 / G 19 12 3 LSi MIG.pdf

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