Proweld 385 (904L) MIG

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Part No Option Pack
M38509S 0.9MM 15kg
M38510S 1.0MM 15kg
M38512S 1.2MM 15kg

Proweld 385 (904L) is intended for welding the 20% Cr / 25% Ni / 4.5% Mo / Cu fully austenitic stainless steels, used for their very high resistance to corrosion in severe, non-oxidising environments e.g. sulphuric acid. The low carbon, high alloy content of the weld metal gives excellent resistance to intergranular corrosion and stress corrosion cracking, combined with superior resistance to crevice and pitting corrosion compared to standard 304L and 316L materials.

Classifications: AWS A5.9 / ER385 / EN ISO 14343 / G 20 25 5 Cu LN

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